What Others Are Saying

What Others are Saying About Four Price

When a conversation between neighbors becomes law

I met Josh Raef and his wife, Erica, while they were out walking with their three children. A casual neighborhood conversation eventually became a law that helps families across Texas who have had a miscarriage. Thank you, Josh. I'm humbled by your kind words and am proud of the work we did together on HB 635.

Posted by Four Price for Texas on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

When a conversation between neighbors becomes law

“Thank you Four Price! We appreciate all the great things you have done.”
– Glenda Boothe

“Thank you Josh & Four for improving the quality of life for families in Texas.”
-Jeannie Sylvester

“Proud to have Four Price for Texas as our State Rep.”
-Jason McCoy

Sanctify of Life

I believe in the sanctity of life and I'm honored by the kind words of Jim and Josette Cramer in support of my strong stand for life.

Posted by Four Price for Texas on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sanctity of Life

“When working in Austin with the Soil and Water Conservation Districts everyone there tells me how lucky we are to have Four as our representative. We need to keep him in Austin.”
-Bill Gray

“Four is a man of integrity, honesty, and intelligence. They simply do not come any better than Four!”
-Cynthia St Clair

“It is nice to have someone from my home town that supports the people in the Panhandle and gets things done!! Four has my vote!”
-Tracy Hudson-Smith

“Four is FOR the citizens he serves without question. Good man.”
-B King Hill

“Four Price, I appreciate all your hard work for our City of Amarillo… Go Texas Tech.”
-Grace Zapata

“Thank you for serving selflessly and tirelessly for our region! You are making a difference, and Scott and I are so grateful for your integrity, commitment and service. ”
-Melody Cleaver Dowlearn

“Thank you for being a problem solver and for caring about people.”
-Judy Kostura

“Thank you for your tireless effort on our behalf, both during and between sessions. You are most definitely one of the good guys.”
-Cindi Bulla

“Thank you Four. You are a great guy and great representative. I am glad you represent me and my family.”
-Mike Watkins

“You are always doing what is best for Texas!!!”
-Jo Dawn McCormick

“Four…you are doing amazing and exciting work down in Austin. So proud of the causes you advocate for. Well done!!”
-Terri Gately








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