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Editorial: Price is Right for House 87

Feb. 14, 2010
Amarillo Globe-News

For the first time in two decades, Texas House District 87 voters on March 2 will nominate someone other than the incumbent. State Rep. David Swinford, R-Dumas, is calling it a career after serving the House district since 1991. Two men are seeking the Republican nomination to succeed him…Walter "Four" Price, an Amarillo lawyer, should be the Republican nominee.

They both profess much the same political philosophy: They are social and fiscal conservatives; they are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment; they both are pro-family; they favor limited government; they want to place as much control as possible in local hands; they both vow to hold the line on taxes; they espouse a pro-business outlook; they both express their commitment to preserving the Panhandle's legislative influence, which figures to be challenged during the 2011 Legislature's redistricting effort. So, what separates these men? Price knows the district better and demonstrates a keener understanding of its needs. He comes from a long line of Texans who settled in what is now House District 87. Price is an Amarillo native who has distinguished himself professionally, while giving of his time to serve on civic boards, such as the Amarillo Economic Development Corp... Price's lifelong history with District 87 and grasp of its residents' concerns… Republican voters in House District 87 have the luxury of choosing between two decent, intelligent and dedicated men.

But one of them, Walter "Four" Price is better prepared to carry the campaign forward in the general election - and, if elected, fight for the district's interests in Austin.