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Editorial: Price earns job

Oct. 10, 2010
Amarillo Globe-News

An open seat for the Texas House of Representatives during an election is a rare thing in the Texas Panhandle. But or the first time in two decades, voters of Texas House District 87 — comprising Potter, Sherman, Carson and Moore counties — get to select a brand new legislator to represent their interests in Austin. Of the three men running for the seat held since 1991 by Republican David Swinford, one of them stands out: Republican nominee Walter “Four” Price…………. Only Price has exhibited the grasp of legislative detail and a commitment to fulfill the Panhandle’s conservative values while serving in the next Legislature. Price would bring a low-tax, pro-business, pro-private property rights tilt to the Legislature, which he made abundantly clear during the hard-fought Republican primary……. Price, of course, is a realist on some points. Whoever wins the election Nov. 2 is going to take office as a raw rookie. Swinford’s many years of experience and seniority vanished the moment he resigned his office effective Aug. 31. Price understands that the new person will start from the bottom. However, given the direction of the political winds in Texas, with Republicans set to strengthen their majority in the House, Price stands the best chance of getting the ear of the Republicans who will be running the legislative show. A new era of leadership has arrived in House District 87. All three candidates are good men. But one of them — with his education and professional training and experience — is best-suited to step into the fray from day one. That candidate is Walter “Four” Price.