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Four's 4 Core Values

I believe that you, the voter, have the right to know what I value and why.  What one values clearly shapes a person’s character and directly influences how a person acts.  You need to know that I do not believe in situational ethics. Rather, I believe the true measure of one’s character is how one consistently acts in all aspects and settings of one’s life.  My values are the same both in my public and family life.


My Christian faith guides and directly impacts my public policy decisions. To do otherwise would be inconsistent with my Christian faith. It is the source of my strength and comfort whether life’s circumstances are difficult or peaceful. My faith in my redeemer Jesus Christ permeates my entire life.

I am very thankful that I have been blessed with a loving Christian wife.  Together we do our best to instill in our children the importance of a life guided by the Spirit of God.  While my life has not been immune from trying challenges - and no one’s life is free from trials - I truly believe that God has blessed me beyond measure.  For my faith and His guidance, I am eternally grateful to Him.


I believe that marriage is not just a civil commitment, but also a sacred bond between a man and a woman.  A marriage between a man and a woman who love, respect and support each other is most ideal to the nurturing of children into productive members of society. Thus, holy matrimony is part of the cornerstone upon which our Nation was built and continues to exist.   As anyone who knows me can attest, I am blessed beyond measure by the support of my loving wife Karen. And we are thankful God gave us the opportunity to raise four respectful children ranging from middle school years to college age.


I believe it is essential in a civilized society to protect the most vulnerable – persons who are frail due to age or disability and persons who are alive in the womb but not yet born.  I am unabashedly pro-life and believe that life begins at conception. During the 2011 legislative session, I coauthored the successful sonogram legislation (House Bill 15) and cosponsored the successful “choose life” license plate legislation (Senate Bill 257) that raises funds to promote alternatives to abortion.  I will continue to advocate for the vulnerable while serving in the Texas House.


Capitalism is the economic reason why America is the most free, prosperous and productive society in history.

However, America’s free enterprise system, and thus, our very freedom, is under serious attack by three distinct groups. In the first group are those in government who lack any fundamental understanding of how a free market economy works and have shown an utter distain for even gaining such an economic understanding. In the second group are those who are radically intent on destroying our way of life and our freedom by trying to slide our country down a socialist path. They are on this path despite the fact that failing European countries have rejected or are in the process of rejecting socialism. The third group is made up of those in our country who covet their neighbor’s things out of a sense of entitlement and are encouraged by others who promote class envy and a nanny state mentality. Thankfully the vast majority of Americans are hard-working and resourceful and they want to choose for themselves how to earn a living.

All of us who love freedom should have serious concerns about how the word “Capitalism” has become maligned recently by those who seek to destroy the very fabric of our society. The use of the word “Capitalism” has even caused some political strategists to recommend not using the “C” word. Instead, they recommend replacing its use with words like “economic freedom” despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans still vastly prefer capitalism over socialism. 

With all due respect to the “expert” communication consultants and political pundits, I believe the recommendation to stop using the word “Capitalism” is misguided. The American people cannot be fooled by word choicesI will always openly and honestly communicate with my constituents – they deserve such respect.  I will continue to advocate strongly for our American way of life and here is why:

  • Capitalism continues to inspire American entrepreneurial ingenuity and American inventions to flourish. From Henry Ford’s Model A automobile to the genius of the late Steve Jobs, who changed the world of communications by starting his company out of his garage, American capitalism changes the world for the better.

“It's no accident that capitalism has brought with it progress, not merely in production but also in knowledge. Egoism and competition are, alas, stronger forces than public spirit and sense of duty.” – Albert Einstein

  • Capitalism, most importantly, has contributed to our country’s political freedom by giving rise to the middle class, which is the backbone of our country.

“Economic freedom is an essential requisite for political freedom. By enabling people to cooperate with one another without coercion or central direction, it reduces the area over which political power is exercised.”   – Milton Friedman, US Economist, Economic Adviser to President Reagan, and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics

  • Capitalism defeated the former Soviet Union. Despite the vastness of the Soviet Union’s fertile fields, its collective farms were unable to feed its people, requiring the Communists to import surplus wheat from American farmers. 

“The fact throughout history is that whenever government dominates the economic affairs of its citizenry, a free society is eroded, then destroyed, and a minority government ensues. Personal liberty without economic liberty is an absolute contradiction; the one cannot exist without the other.” – William E. Simon, Secretary of the US Treasury to President Ford

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”   - Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate 1940, 1944 and 1948

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” – President Ronald Reagan

When evaluating policies and legislation at the state level, I keep these principles in mind so that we do not travel the failed path of over-regulation or stifle small business entrepreneurs.