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End of 83rd General Session

As this 2013 regular session draws to a close, and we prepare for a Special Legislative Session, I’d like to look back on the progress made over the last 140 days for House District 87 and for Texas.

When the 83rd legislative session kicked off in January, there were a number of issues I wanted to address – healthcare, public safety, and water, among others – so I laid out the priorities ahead and promises kept from the previous legislative session.

The Role of the Sunset Commission

Regular assessment and oversight of government processes and agency operations are necessary for responsible government. Transparency and accountability are two things that we not only expect from our government, but we must also demand.

To identify areas for government improvement, the Texas Legislature created the Sunset Advisory Commission. The 12-member Sunset Commission evaluates ways to eliminate waste, duplication and inefficiencies in state agencies and considers new ways to improve an agency's operations.

Update from Four Price

When it comes to protecting the well-being of all Texans, my colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives continue to support legislation to improve our state’s security measures by addressing the bipartisan issue of public safety.

Last week, the House unanimously passed three bills that I authored, all aimed at strengthening the state’s ability to keep Texans safer.

State Rep. Four Price Introduces House Resolution 328 to Honor Texas POW's on Former POW Recognition Day

State Representative Four Price passed a resolution in the Texas House of Representatives to recognize Texans who were once a prisoner of war during their military service.

Price's House Resolution 328 commemorates April 9, 201

Budget Update

The Texas economy continues to be a beacon for economic opportunity. Our state is a role model for the right way to address economic needs while adhering to fiscally sound policies.  Today, the proposed state budget was debated on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives in what was marathon session. The debate consisted of discussion over state spending for the next two years, as well as debate on over 250 pre-filed proposed amendments.

Texas Water Day & House Bill 4

On the heels of the House’s successful passage of House Bill 4, today is Texas Water Day at the Capitol. What a great time to address an issue of such importance – water conservation and infrastructure.

Texas Independence Day

Happy Texas Independence Day! Today I ask my fellow Texans to pause and remember the heroic sacrifices of our forefathers, who fought for freedom and liberty for the people of Texas. Today, Texas continues to be a national role model. Texas leads the nation in the promotion of business, attracting entrepreneurs and industries from other states and the world. We are a top producer of energy and renewable resources, supplying thousands of Americans with power. And, we have been the top exporting state for the past decade.

An Update from Representative Four Price

Welcome to my regular recap! It’s my goal to keep you updated regularly throughout the legislative session so that you can be aware of the issues that are in focus for my staff and me.

An Update from Representative Four Price

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I take my commitment to Texas and to my constituents very seriously, and want to help you stay connected to your Texas Capitol through regular updates on this blog.  Please visit frequently to get the latest updates on what I’m working on in the House.

Here’s what we have going on:

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