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Update on Texas Water


With just ten days left of the 2013 regular legislative session, members in the House and Senate are pushing to reach an agreement on one of the most significant issues for this session – water. 

Representative Allan Ritter, Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, introduced House Bills 4 and 11 this session to jump start the state’s water plans and provide a financing strategy for those projects.

House Bill 4, which I joint authored, creates an infrastructure bank to finance water projects. This bill overwhelmingly passed in both the House and Senate.

House Bill 11 proposed to take $2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund to finance water development projects. After a contentious debate in late April, House Bill 11 stalled on the House floor without a vote. I intended to vote for the bill, and I will continue to advocate for this vital issue. Water planning is essential to our state’s ongoing agricultural viability and economic success  

The House Appropriations Committee held a hearing today on SJR 1, a constitutional amendment providing for the transfer of money from the Rainy Day Fund to a special fund created for financing water, infrastructure, conservation and reuse projects. With House Bill 11 stalled in the House, SJR 1 is the only option to get water financing in place during this regular session. Joint resolutions like SJR 1, proposing amendments to the Texas Constitution, require a vote of two-thirds of the total membership of the House and Senate for adoption. If passed, SJR 1 would be placed on the November Constitutional ballot for consideration by Texas voters.

Providing our growing state with a comprehensive plan for water conservation and development is important for our economy, our citizens and the prosperity of Texas. You can count on me to continue fighting for this issue in Austin.

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