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Texas Independence Day

Happy Texas Independence Day! Today I ask my fellow Texans to pause and remember the heroic sacrifices of our forefathers, who fought for freedom and liberty for the people of Texas. Today, Texas continues to be a national role model. Texas leads the nation in the promotion of business, attracting entrepreneurs and industries from other states and the world. We are a top producer of energy and renewable resources, supplying thousands of Americans with power. And, we have been the top exporting state for the past decade. Our economic climate provides tremendous opportunities for Texas families – it is a reason why so many Americans call Texas “home.”

This legislative session, I am working to preserve and protect the liberties secured for us through the sacrifices of our ancestors. Legislators will make important decisions concerning healthcare, education, natural resources and public safety. My staff and I are committed to ensuring that Texas families remain the priority. I have been working diligently to author bills that represent the very best interests of Texans. For a full list of the bills I’ve authored this session, click here:

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