Four Price - Texas State Representative, Republican, District 87 | Senator Cruz visits Amarillo

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Senator Cruz visits Amarillo

I enjoyed spending time with Senator Ted Cruz last Friday as he spent most of the day in Amarillo. We toured the Bell Helicopter facility and participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce.  Our visit to Bell Helicopter showcased what the Panhandle is doing for our country.  With Bell, Pantex and others in our backyard, we have much to be proud of here at home.

At Bell’s state of the art facility, we watched the construction of V-22 Ospreys.  We also saw Cobras and Hueys being upgraded and rebuilt to meet the needs of the 21st century military. Bell’s work is crucial to the security of our nation, and I am thankful for the jobs they have brought to our region. Later, Senator Cruz and I participated in a roundtable discussion to listen to the concerns of our local small business owners.  I’m sure you will not be surprised that the most of their comments focused on the size and scope of government and how to reduce government regulation. 

As I mentioned, showing Senator Cruz around Amarillo was my honor. I can tell you that after our great interaction with many Panhandle residents, I am confident that both of us will continue to fight for high Plains values both in Washington D.C. and in Austin.  I am proud to be your advocate so that your voice is heard in the halls and on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives.